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1.5t Mini CBD15-610

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Automatic lifting limit, safety  energy saving.Emergency reversing device and Emergency brake switch.HELI controller , Multiple automatic protection.


● Low noise ,low energy consumption ,Every day only 2KWh.
● Small body ,suitable for narrow space.
● Sealed batteries free of maintenance, safe operation and no pollution.
● Stepless speed control system, easy to operate.
● Automatic lifting limit, safety  energy saving.
● Emergency reversing device and Emergency brake switch.
● HELI controller , Multiple automatic protection.

Model Unit CBD15-610
Power Unit Battery
Wheels Type PU
Rated Capacity kg 1500
Load Center mm 600
Max. Lifting Height mm 120
Fork Lowered Height mm 85
Overall Length mm 1630
Overall Width mm 724
Overall Height (With Handle) mm 1220
Drive Motor KW DC 0.63
Lift Motor KW DC 0.8
Controller HELI (Option CURTIS)
Battery (Voltage/Capacity) V/Ah 24/85